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Bradley Richardson: Vocals
James Spannraft: Guitar
Zac Wesoloski: Bass
Tyler Koutny: Guitar
Nik Pagliai: Drums


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Widower is a five piece melodic hardcore band originating from Lake County, IL. Founded in 2012 between four friends who felt driven to share a message through what they knew best, music. Being from different bands in the past the founders of Widower, the well-crafted musicians they are, developed a sound very unique and different from anything out of the area.

Their first collection of songs titled “Nights Like These,” came out in September of 2012 and was received very well and much anticipation. In response to the quick success, Widower began playing all over the northern part of Illinois. In response to the success of “Nights Like These” Widower went back into the studio to record the single “Shifting Through the Void.” In early 2013 the band decided they wanted to expand musically and added another guitarist. This addition aloud them to expand the group’s sound and craft something truly unique. The next part of the year was filled with a variety of shows in and out of the state. Things were going great and then the band hit their first roadblock, the original vocalist decided to part ways with the group. This didn’t stop the rest of the group. After a few tries at filling the spot and little success, a replacement was found and the group was again ready to hit the studio. After being silent for a few months to regroup and write, the first new material with the new vocalist was released. “Among Wolves” was released in December of 2013 and was an instant success. The title track ‘Among Wolves’ showcased what Widower is capable of and a great way to show the world they weren’t giving up.

Going into 2014, Widower announced they would be playing locally less to pursue getting back out to fans in other states. With the release of their latest single ‘Self-Loathing,’ Widower announced they were going to focus on writing new music for their next release.